New Upper Lusatian House



Before start of designing, most important happend to be a question: how surrounding-pillars contruction can be used for a modern purposes? All historical reasons aren't an issue in a time of progressive building technology. Architects mention a lot of possibilities made by this characteristic construction and functional arragment, which they apply in this project. Among others they are: thin, widely glaze walls of residential area, hall going through whole building, roof water drainge system hidden between wall and pillar, easier heating of building, temperature zoning and usage of local materials.



In a project architects decided to show possibilities of modern technologies and to highlight the beauty of a historical regional architecture at the same time. By using traditional proportions divided a building in a 4 functional modules: communication (hall connected to a staircase), residential (modeled on a traditional trunk chamber), utility (based on brick part of a historical house, including bathrooms, garage and a modern interpretation of a workshop - home office) and a recreation area (winter garden with a little balcony). 



One of the most important architectural trend nowdays is a possibility of adjust to a changing needs of a inhibitants. This idea was developed in the project, making not only two stages of extension, but a chance of infinitely many subsequent. In this way it can be made twin as well as serial buildings, however still it does not influence functionality or esthetic valor of an architetcure.



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