Structure, place, sign acquire meaningful shape.
Man moves in a space designed ”from within”,
which he can experience, learn and understand.


TOYA DESIGN  is a creative design-architectural office


TOYA DESIGN  deals in architectural design,

                            interior and exhibition design, as well as comprehensive visual identity.

                            It establishes functional-architectural image standards for corporate networks.


TOYA DESIGN  is a privately-owned company founded in 1994.



Our activity:


architecture (full-discipline construction design, project management)
interior architecture (design, supervision and “turn-key” execution)
CI comprehensive visual identity (corporate visual identity)
functional-architectural standardisation of interiors (implementation manuals) brand creation: (name and graphic sign design)
fairs and exhibitions (comprehensive execution of exhibitions)
product design (furniture and objects) multimedia presentations (visualisations, films, www) promotional-advertising campaigns (visual setting to events)


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